8 things México does better than America.

Posted on May 10, 2011


Being that I have, unfortunately, been back in the United States for almost two months now, and I have somewhat fallen off the wagon in keeping up this blog, I think it is time I started being reflective. I could write a “what I learned” piece, but that would be boring and cliché.  And considering I dragged my readers through my culture shock into Mexico, it seems only appropriate that I share with you my experiences coming home. The things that hit me the hardest? Everything that Mexicans clearly do better than their neighbors up north. Take notes.

Punta Piedra, Tulum, México;  February 2011

They are not wasteful pigs.

I never realized how much food I throw away until I moved to Mexico. If there is food on your plate, you eat it. If you can’t finish it, and the dog won’t eat it, it goes back into the fridge. It is an excellent lesson in portion control.

The best tacos you will ever have.  Isla Mujeres, México; March 2011.

Open bar culture.

Unlike American drinking establishments, you either pay to get in, or pay for your drinks. You don’t have to do both, unless someone is ripping you off. Open bars, of course, can be both a good and bad thing, depending on how much you have to get done the next day. Another great lesson in portion control.

The men smell amazing.

I’m not sure whether the cologne is better in Mexico, or if the men just have better taste. Either way, I’m not complaining.

Gorgeous soccer players.

Self-explanatory, and I am still not complaining. If you must, Google Francisco Javier Rodríguez.

Lets be serious.  I mean, look at him.

Food, food, food.

Could there be anything better than tortillas served with everything? I think not. From street food and beach bars to high-end restaurants, Mexico has great food down to a science. In addition to the amazing local cuisine, there are an abundance of Italian restaurants, Chinese buffets and Argentine steakhouses to suit any appetite, not to mention the best sushi I have ever had. And the best part? Everything is fresh.

The Little Ones.

To all of you parents out there, I should probably apologize in advance. I realize you think that the world’s most beautiful children are your own, and you are sadly mistaken. Latin kids are fucking adorable, and much better-behaved than your squabbling American hellions. If someday I choose to procreate, I will not aspire to have children. I will aspire to have niños.

The beautiful Kathryn Mitchell with marbles and niños.  Tixmehuac, Yucatán, México; 2011

Colorful houses.

When did I become my mother? Am I really old enough to take interest in architecture? Regardless, whoever decided to say adiós to boring, planned neighborhoods and white picket fences was a genius. Mexican homes come in every color under the sun, something that clearly speaks to an easygoing way of life. Their communities are vibrant, exciting and expressive.

That damn bus.

Gosh, how much less broke I would be if I wasn’t paying $4.19 per gallon of gasoline. If there was just one thing I think America could learn from Mexico, it would be the benefits of public transportation. In the name of saving the environment, reducing traffic and sparing our bank accounts, I think we could all afford to swallow a little pride and ride the damn bus.

So there you have them, the eight things I miss most about Mexico.
As much as I regret their non-existence in American culture, I suppose I must recognize that things like these are what make each country unique, exciting and worth visiting in the first place. And, of course, they will make excellent excuses to go back someday.

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